Just a girl

A "good girl" who is saving all-the-way for someone special. I'm really a virgin. Please don't ask me to submit to your blog. I don't want a picture of your cock. Please read my FAQ before asking something. I'm open to most conversations. Me. Enjoy.


Amen!!! ❤️

Anonymous said: How many guys have tried to sleep with you at college? And what were some of the pick ups you heard? :P


I don’t recall any guy trying to sleep with me while I’ve been here. So sorry I don’t have any amusing lines to tell you

Okay, this question was from like a week ago, but I just remembered something. I was walking to Dan’s apartment by myself(he lives a couple blocks off campus), when this one guy who was sitting in a parked car started shouting asking if I had a boyfriend. I lied and said I did, but then he asked “Can I be the boyfriend that you call?” I said no and kept on walking. He got out of his car and started running towards me asking me to stop. I didn’t know what to do, so I stopped. He told me I looked like a Russian model or some crap like that. He said he had connections with some sort of talent agency and I should take his number. I took it and he told me to text him so he has my number. I was kind of scared so I just did it. He texted me everyday for the next week or two calling me beautiful and supermodel and gorgeous and stuff like that, and asked if I was still with my boyfriend. I kept asking him to stop calling me those names, and he would reply with something snarky like “Sorry for calling you something as offensive as supermodel.” It was just really weird. I felt kind of scared every time I walked to Dan’s place by myself. Thankfully he stopped texting me and I just kind of forgot it happened.

I don’t even know if you guys care about this story, but he’s the creepiest person I’ve met so far.

Anonymous said: Have you ever been tempted by a girl? Are you now in college?

Nope. Not before or since college. I’ve just been curious

Anonymous said: i miss your sexual stories or reading about your fantasies

Well I don’t write about fantasies and I haven’t been doing anything sexual, so I don’t know what to tell you